Through song, dance and spoken word Songwoman tells the sharp, funny and often harrowing story of three bi-racial siblings growing up in the United States of America in the 1960’s.

The youngest: the autistic and schizophrenic brother.

The middle child: a woman who migrates to Australia, a country struggling with its own racial history.

The eldest: the extraordinary, beautiful and gifted sister.

This dynamic show is powerful and unique with an original score.
All words and music by Gerianne Rudd.

Accompanied by five musicians The Narrator, Songwoman, is joined on stage by a female and male dancer for the
one act | sixty minute | live production.

It tells of a particular time and place, but it could take place anytime, anywhere.

Gerianne Rudd is a singer songwriter living in Brisbane, Australia. Over the past 40 years she has worked as an industrial chemist, artist’s model, respite carer, school teacher and swimming instructor. She currently teaches piano. Songwriting and teaching children of all ages and abilities are her passions.
In the 1950’s Gerianne was born in the The United States Of America where she lived and worked until her move to Australia in 1995.

Songwoman is her story. Every word and every note of it is true.

Songwoman views life through the prism of race. It is not a black story or a white story.

© 2017 Copyright Gerianne Rudd